Friday, April 18, 2014

Kaia's Preschool Christmas Party

Well, I guess that we are now well into 2014, I should probably finish up a few posts from the end of 2013!

Kaia's preschool class had a little party on the last day before their break over the Christmas holiday. I went to enjoy the fun. There was the always anticipated cookie decorating activity, of course. 

Cookies for snack … mmmm ….

There were some fun holiday stories that the little ones listened to.

And there were several different activities. On the one below, Kaia's hands are being traced to be used as reindeer antlers.

Friday, March 7, 2014

St. Charles Christmas

St. Charles has a great on-going event around the Christmas season. The first day was the day after Thanksgiving and we enjoyed the day with family. Here's Sierra with her grandpa, aunt, and cousin Emily. 

She convinced Auntie Michelle to share some treats. There were funnel cakes and kettle corn. Yum!

The girls were fascinated by this angle made out of plastic bottles.

The highlight: the Christmas parade. There are 40 or so "Christmas Characters", including santas from around the world and in different time in US history (Civil War Santa, WWII Santa), carolers, characters from the Nutcracker, and Jack Frost and the Ice Queen.

These guys were making chestnuts roasted on an open fire. Really. Have you ever actually eaten a chestnut roasted on an open fire? I hadn't until this year. They were actually rather good, kind of resembled a potato in taste.

When they are not in the parade, the Christmas characters greet people on the street. They each have a trading card, and you can collect them when you say hello (you can see one in Sierra's hand). When Sierra discovered this, she was so excited. She actually chased the Ice Queen down the street to get her card. Here she is with Mrs. Clause.

And here, the girls are talking to Mother Goose. This is the only character that Kaia would say anything to. Probably because she was very sweet and had a purple cape.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kaia requests a photo shoot

After I took that series of photos of Sierra with her accessories, Kaia thought that she needed her own photo shoot. I was happy to oblige. The next day, while Sierra was at school, Kaia and I went outside to play in the leaves and give her her own photo shoot!

I just love this next series: the many of Kaia. And there are many, many more. She is such a cutie!

Aurora was around for the fun as well. Those eyes!

Sweet sisters!

Monday, February 17, 2014

How to accessorize

Sierra, after hanging out in the basement playroom, came upstairs to show me the accessories she had made from paper: bracelet, necklace, tiara and shoes!! I was seriously impressed. She made her own shoes! Awesome. 

I told Sierra we should do a photo shoot to show off her accessories, but she needed a princess dress, first. This is what I call our "most expensive dress-up dresses." It's Sierra's dance recital costume from last year. We won't have the opportunity to use it again, so rather than just hang it in the closet, at least we get some dress up play time with it!

Strike a pose!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Bath time

We are very quickly coming to the end of the "bath in the kitchen sink" stage. Aurora has very nearly outgrown this little blue tub and I now just stick her directly in the sink. It won't be much longer and I will just throw her in the big tub with her sisters and see how she does! Okay, maybe we're not quite ready for that. Sierra and Kaia can be a little raucous in the bathtub!

Kaia is often my helper for baby bath time. She splashes with Aurora and brings her bath toys. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Galena

Friday was a low key day and my mom and I took the girls to explore the Galena library. Aurora was fascinated with this little bead maze. 

The big girls loved that there was huge paper and markers to draw on and they were thrilled to have Grandma to draw pictures with them.

That evening, Harmony joined us and we had fun playing with the cousin!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Trick or Treat with Colton

Since we were close enough to make the drive this year, I registered for the Galena Lead Rush Half Marathon. It did not go well for me. But that's another story. This story is about Halloween. 

I had to be at a swim meet on Sunday, so we were leaving immediately after the race on Saturday. Because I didn't want to do the 6-hour drive with 3 girls on back to back days, we drove up to Grandma and Grandpa's house on Thursday, which was Halloween. I called my friend Casey to see if she and Colton wanted to go trick-or-treating with us. 

See this spooky old house? I used to live here. Briefly. When I was just 5 years old. My parents rented this place while they were building the house I grew up in (and where they still live). 

Kaia looks a little concerned, here. She was. But it was still light outside. We ran into another spooky character at the end of trick or treating adventure, when it was dark, and she freaked out. Poor man who had the spooky mask: he didn't want to really frighten small children. He took off the mask, saying, "No, no, it's just pretend. I'm sorry!"

Here are our little Halloween characters: Izzy the pirate, Batman and Snowwhite.

Kaia with her relative shorter stature couldn't quite keep up with Sierra and Colton, but she tried her best and she didn't miss a house. Probably a good thing the grown-up were there to hold back the big kids occasionally because they were having a blast tearing down the street at top speed.

Here is the scary guy that resulted in Kaia screaming and running.

We had such fun and I'm so happy that my girls had a friend in Galena they could share the day with. Brought back memories of the many, many Halloweens Casey and I spent together.