Saturday, October 3, 2009

Trial of the pants

Well, since I can't go into business making baby carriers, I'm eventually going to run out of people I know to make them for. That means I will have to find some other projects to occupy my sewing time. First up: pants for Sierra. Oh, but it was not that easy!

Let me start by saying I have made clothes for myself before. I have used patterns to do this and it has always been pretty straight forward. You find the line on the pattern for the size you need, you cut out the pieces, and you so them together. The sewing I have been doing in recent years has all been sans pattern. Curtains and pillows that I just measure and cut, a skirt or two for myself that I just made up the pattern. And the mei tais ... also my own pattern. Maybe I have forgotten some key detail because I had to rip apart these pant for Sierra twice before I finally got them right.

The first problem was that when I put the pants together they were reeeeeeaaallly low rise. Like, they only came half way up her bum, and showed most of her diaper, and wouldn't stay up. This required me to pull apart all the stitching at the waist and add a full 2.5 inches to the top! That's a lot when the pants aren't all that tall to begin with. Here, you can see how much I had to add to the top of the waist: A blessing in disguise, I guess, because I really like how this looks, so I will probably just do this again when I make these (redesigned, by me) pants again.

The second problem was that there wasn't accurate sizing information on the pattern. Based on the pictures on the front of the pattern package, it looked like the pants were intended for a smaller baby, so I chose one of the larger sizes. That was apparently a bad idea. Now, I noticed this problem when I ripped the pants apart the first time, but I thought I would just be able to cinch the waist down with elastic and they would just be a bit baggy. But when I go them all together, they just looked ... bad. So ... I tore them apart again. This time, I took an inch off along the length of each of the four section of fabric, taking them in 4 inches. Grrrrr ...

But I finally got it right. I should have just made up own pattern from the start!
The pants are fully lined, which will make them nice and cozy for winter.
oooo, I just love those tiny little toes!!!

Great lawn-mowing pants!


  1. I sew my finger (only once, but that was enough!) when I try to sew!! Well done... VERY impressed over here. ;-)