Monday, November 9, 2009

The joy of babywearing

I read a blog called Adventures in Babywearing. Recently, the blog owner requested from her readers a link to our favorite babywearing photo. This request is in conjunction with the Sakura Bloom triathlon she his hosting on her blog. Sakura Bloom is a company that makes baby slings and they are holding a contest (for which my entry was not selected as a finalist -- too bad) that includes three parts (interview, photo, video) and allows contestants to try out some of their slings.

The contestants have this prompt: "Your challenge with this sling is the photo challenge. We're not just looking for pretty smiles (although we do love those!) but photos that capture the joy of carrying your child in a sling."

But since the request on Adventures in Babywearing doesn't specify sling, here is my favorite babywearing photo. This is Jason with Sierra at the top of Stony Man Mountain in Shenandoah National Park this past June (this photo is even better when viewed larger). We love hiking, experiencing nature, exploring the world around us. This photo truly captures the beauty and joy of babywearing because without it, we would not have been able to get here. Seriously, I'd just love to see you try and get a stroller up that trail! :-)

Some other good ones:

Babywearing Grandma! (I love you, mom!)

And you just can't beat the precious beauty of a perfect sleeping babe.
Checking out the tiger in her tiger carrier:
And a teeny Sierra with her adoring mama (me!)


  1. You are in first place in my book. Mom

  2. These are great pictures! Love them. My favorite is grandma babywearing!

    I have to get Audrey's grandma to babywear too!