Saturday, March 6, 2010


This morning, for the first time in a looooooong time we had a Saturday morning that actually felt like a weekend. I know! *GASP* Actually, the entire day felt like a weekend. Unbelievable, right? The Woodberry boys left yesterday for their spring break, and while next week Jason will be in Florida coaching lacrosse, this week he is still here. Normally, I leave the house by 6:20 on Saturday mornings so I can get a workout in before Jason has to leave for class a little after 7:00. This morning, no class, and I moved my workout back a couple hours. It felt like an ideal morning to whip up some pancakes. Mmmm!!

Lately, Sierra has been really interested in "helping" with whatever we happen to be doing in the kitchen. She will grab a kitchen chair and drag it over to where Jason or I might be working. Usually, she rams the chair into the back of our legs so we move her to the side, she steps climbs up on the chair and at the very least, watches intently. Oh, but if there is mixing or stirring going on, she definitely wants to "help" with that. Sierra's assistance usually means we end up with more of a mess than we otherwise would have, but hey, she's learning, and she really, really enjoys it!
Note the spatter of pancake batter and my attempt to guide Sierra and limit the mess. This is a very delicate blancing act: help "too much" and she gets angry and screams, don't help enough and you are mopping the floor, scrubbing the windows, and wiping down the wall!

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