Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jason's stand-in

Early Saturday morning, Jason left for Florida to coach lacrosse for week.

Late Saturday morning, Sierra and I drove to Dulles to pick up his mom (aka Nana Diane, aka "Gamma"). She went home yesterday, and J will get home tomorrow, so their paths never crossed while she was here, but that's okay. One of the reasons she was here was because he was going to be gone. Just the book reading itself is a full time job (I needed some help!). Diane was impressed that Sierra knew the titles to all her books. Well, she knew a title to all her books, sometimes it's a Sierra adaptation of the title. For example, we have a book about a little boy named Peter called "The Snowy Day." The Sierra adaptation is "Peter." Another is called "I love my Daddy Because," which is "Daddy Book." Then there's "Guess How Much I Love You," (thanks Auntie Tania!) about Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare, which Sierra calls "Hare Book," though I think it's actually "Hair Book," because she touches her hair when requesting that one be read to her.

Unfortunately, Diane really didn't the best deal in terms of weather while she was here, until the last day, but we made the best of it. Sunday morning, we went to the (indoor) Barbee Center where Sierra and I played on the pole vault pit and threw basketballs around while Diane used the track for her workout. We had a fairly relaxed Sunday and drove up to Gainesville on Sunday evening to have dinner with Uncle Zach (at least she got to see one of her progeny while she was in the area!).

Monday was windy and overcast, but the rain was intermittent, so we managed to get some time outside to play.

We were playing on the turf field when the bus that brings the elementary school kids back to Woodberry showed up. Sierra saw it and yelled "Bus!" then "Kids!" so we had to go say hello to the big kids. Sierra helped Maddie build a rock border (what a helper!)
Tuesday looked like it was going to be much the same weather-wise, but alas! Finally, the sun made its appearance Tuesday afternoon. We headed down to the downtown mall in Charlottesville where we wandered around, had a soup snack from Revolutionary Soup and then stopped for some gelatto.

Sierra spied a squirrel running along the walkway, so she started "clicking" at it and ran over toward it. This was clearly a squirrel who is used to pilfering food from people. Though it didn't let Sierra get too close, it was clearly hoping she had something to eat. It kept running around and around the tree (not up the tree) as she tried to get closer to it. Then it would run up the tree and come back down on the opposite side of where she was standing.

Before heading home, we stopped at one of my fave shops on the downtown mall, J. Fenton Gifts/Quilts Unlimited. They have an awesome eclectic mix of items in there, I find something interesting to look at every time I go in. I wanted Diane to check out the place, but I also wanted to get Sierra a little something. It was a new book: The Foot Book, which she loved when we were visiting Monica back in January. I asked her if she wanted to hold it or if she wanted a bag and she said "Hoad it." Then before we left the store she changed her mind to "Inna bag." Nana spent much of the ride home helping Sierra put the book back in the bag when she took it out, until the back ripped too much to be useful anymore.

Nana Diane had to leave yesterday, but her flight wasn't until late afternoon, so we had the morning to spend together before driving to the airport. A lot of the Woodberry faculty are out of town for spring break, but we still met up with Lorae and Harper and Laura and Spencer to play in the sun for a little bit Wednesday morning. Sierra made sure to take some time to stop and smell the roses pansies.

After lunch, we headed up to Dulles again. Sierra slept most of the way there, but on the way back, she mostly just chattered away to me the whole time, which was a whole lot better than screaming and yelling. When Diane first left there was a little bit of "Nana! NAAA-NAAA!" but she calmed down pretty quickly and kept telling me "Paw-paw. Mase-y. Spoc-o. Kee-cats." Since you probably need a translation, that was "Grandpa. Maisy. Sparkle. Kitty-cats." Nana Diane told Sierra she had to go home to see Paw-paw and Maisy and Sparkle and the kitty cats and of course Sierra remembered all of it and told me about it on the way home. I also got to hear about baby cows, birds flying outside, big trucks, and bus coming. Good to know!

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