Sunday, March 7, 2010

More signs of spring

It was just yesterday when I posted about the darling little flowers popping out of our yard.

Then today, we were hit with spring full in the face. Now, I'm not disillusioned; I completely expect many more cold and yucky days before we really have spring, but today was a delicious taste of what's coming our way.

We headed down to UVA for the UVA-Syracuse lacrosse game because those two teams are rated #1 and #2 in the country. We knew the game would be awesome. Jason's brother, Zach, drove down from Maryland to join us. First up, lunch at Chipotle. Nothing like a ginormous burrito to start off a spectacular afternoon. We walked over to the game and the sun was shining brightly, people were happy, and the temperatures climbed about 60 degrees! Wahoo! (ha ha)

I didn't actually get to watch most of the game, as I spent most of it toddler-chasing, but what I saw was great. Syracuse started off in the lead, but then UVA made a 6 goal run, bringing the score up to 8-5. The game ended with UVA winning 11-10, and since Syracuse was #1, probably taking over the #1 rating. I don't really have a loyalty to either of those teams, but it's tough not to get caught up in the excitement of the home team. Sierra, meanwhile, ran up and down the hill where we were sitting. She spied some other little girls and ran along the fence-line to go see them. She found a pile of sand and lay down in it, getting sand in her hair in the process. She refused to take a nap, even though I nursed her (twice) and tried to walk her to sleep in the carrier. There was just entirely too much to see!! During the second half, she "flirted" with a big boy sitting near us, and banged empty plastic bottles with the kiddos sitting below us.

After a quick stop at the grocery store, Zach came back to our place for dinner and stuck around to read Sierra a couple stories and have stuffed animals stacked on top of him. Sierra is getting pretty good at saying "Uncle Zach," though it doesn't come out sounding quite like "uncle zach." Close enough that we get what she's saying, though!

We're hoping to head up and visit Zach sometime this spring, maybe see a Maryland lacrosse game, but Jason's schedule is crazy busy (as always) so we'll have to see if we can swing it!!

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