Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A spring walk

It's been a busy day. Which means, my living avoided getting completely trashed because we were out of the house for much of the time. We started out taking the dogs out for a walk on this lovely day. And it was lovely. Perfect, actually. Not hot, not cold, the flowering trees are blooming all over campus, there was the smell of fresh-cut grass in the air. Ahhhhh ...

I think this red maple is gorgeous, both in form and color.
The color is not from leaf buds, but from the plant's seeds. These are the early spring version of those "helicopters" you see on all maple trees in the fall.
Nothin' like a roll in the grass on a spring day!

Then we headed up for a group play-date with several of the Woodberry 2-and-under set. Let me try and remember who all was there ... Tommy, Spencer, Mason, Aubrey, Harper, Sophia, Lydia, Sierra ... I think that was everyone. No photos, though. It was too chaotic trying to keep this on from taking a toy out of that one's hand and preven that one from drinking out of another one's sippy cup. Fun, though. Very fun.

Then it was lunch time, followed by Sierra walking home herself (which takes awhile),
(There she goes!)
then we played a bit and Sierra napped, woke up and was still cuddly, and I managed to get her back to sleep. We headed over to the bus stop to play with the little kids and then shortly after returning home again, headed up to campus for the annual faculty/staff children's Easter egg hunt. More on that later.

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  1. I love all the pictures!! And the little dot that is Sierra. :-)
    I have a silly question, what is the tree in your first picture? We have them here, I've only ever heard them called tulip trees. Is that right? :-)