Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebrating our Independence (in two parts)

Because one day of celebration just isn't enough, we celebrated the 4th of July holiday over the course of 2 days.

Saturday, July 02

My sister and future husband invited us to watch the fireworks over the lake from their boat. But, before we could do that, what better way to celebrate than icecream!! As soon as Sierra saw this flavor, she was saying, "I want the rainbow one! The rain! bow! one!" And so, the rainbow one she got. And loved!

My parents didn't really want to go to the lake, so we dropped them off and met my sister and her family at the marina. There was plenty of room on the pontoon and Sierra got to wear her clown fish life jacket!

Christine and Patrick had a lifejacket for Kaia to use. She looks pretty happy in this photo, but she was generally more like a bug on her back and got really frustrated. She would try to flip over and she couldn't do it, which made her really mad. Then when she tried to crawl, the life jacket impeded her movement.

It's a good thing both a baby and her lifejacket fit in a mei tai because that seemed to make her happy enough since she couldn't crawl around. She was a little sleepy anyway, it seems.

Kaia enjoyed our stop at the beach a lot more because we could take the lifejacket off. She was so funny crawling around in the sand. She would crawl as fast as she could, throwing sand in the air with her hands as she went, and then occasionally, she would lie down in the warm sand and wiggle a little before continuing her crawling.

Meanwhile, her big sister and cousin were running around in the sand, in the water, back in the sand, back in the water looking for shells. They had a great time too!

As sunset approached, we got back on the boat and headed toward the marina. We caught the end of the sunset as boats started to congregate for the fireworks.

Sierra liked the fireworks, but not the noises she made, so alternated between watching on her own and sitting with her dad, holding his hands over her ears. She says, "I like the ones that go 'psssshhhhhhh'. I don't like the boomers. Daddy likes the boomers." Kaia, naturally, woke up with first big booms, but amazingly, I sat on the boat and nursed her and she was somehow able to fall back asleep.

Monday, July 04

For the "actual" 4th, we had a pretty low key morning, and my friend Tania came over and spent the afternoon with us. Kaia was still sleeping when Sierra woke up from her nap, so we left the baby with Grandma and Tania and I took Sierra to the pool. She wanted to go down the slide over and over and over again!!

We headed home so that we could get down for the beginning of my home town's 4th of July parade. We didn't watch the parade this year because we were in the parade. Grandpa Bob is a volunteer firefighter and he had arranged for the girls and me to ride the firetruck in the parade. Sierra made a new friend, Lila, who was also riding. For almost the entire way down the street, Sierra waved at the people. Kaia looked out the window and smiled. I overheard several people exclaim, "Oh! There's a baby in the firetruck!"

There were more fireworks that night, be opted to watch them from my parents' front yard rather than battle the crowds. The view was slightly obscured by a tree, but the bonus was we could head to bed right as they ended.

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