Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celebrating with Colton

Colton celebrated his 3rd birthday last week, and we were invited to a little party this past weekend. It was mostly family, but since I've been friends with Casey since age 3, and we spent countless hours at each other's homes over the years, I suppose I'm about as close to family as you can be without being a blood relative.

The heat continued, but we had cake outside in front of the fan and tried to eat our ice cream before it melted.

So glam

Colton opened a few presents. Here, Sierra is checking out his new truck. Hey, girls like trucks, too!

Casey had told me she was going to fill up the little pool for the kiddos, but I completely forgot to pack Sierra's swim suit. It turned out okay, though, because Casey came through with shorts and a swim shirt that belong to Colton. The attar was just fine with Sierra.

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