Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Kaia is eleven months old. (actually, today, she is 11 months and 11 days old.) I can't believe we are mere weeks away from her 1st birthday! How fast the time has gone. I feel like her first year has just flown by! It's such a difference from Sierra when I was always looking for "what's next."

While crawling is still Kaia's primary mode of mobility, she is walking more and more. She tries walking several times a day and will link together 10 and more steps before losing her balance and plopping down on her bum, or deciding that she's finished and lowering herself down in a deep squat so she can switch to crawling.

She's a little comedian and it's fun to see her silly personality emerging. If she notices that something makes you laugh, she will keep doing it. Lately, she's been shaking her head back and forth like a "no" motion, but it's more wobbly and deliberate than that so it looks really funny. She likes making noises with her mouth and will stick her tounge out of her mouth over and over again saying "lalalalalala" and say "aaaaaahhhh" while bouncing her hand over her mouth opening to change the sound. She knows the difference between "mama" and "dada" and does the signs for "milk," "dadddy," "all done," and she waves and points.

Three weeks ago, we were just starting to see the bumps of her teeth emerging, and now, she has three top teeth and one bottom tooth fully poked through her gums. A forth top tooth as well as the other front bottom teeth are also working their way out. No wonder she's had some rough nights. Like last night, for example. Oh, these are trying times for baby girl's parents. Like so many things, Kaia is doing teeth her own way. Usually, babies get the two front bottom teeth, then the two front top teeth, and they fill in from there. Kaia's first three teeth were all on the top.

Our little Kaia-bear still growls and sometimes she will growl while she is nursing. She has another reason to call her Kaia-bear as well. When she is trying move across a hard surface, whe will modify her crawl to a bear crawl, moving along on her hands and feet, knees off the ground. Gets her where she's going without hurting the knees.

Her little round cheeks are indicative of what a good little eater this baby is. Despite the limited number of teeth, she will try anything that's soft enough to mash up. She has the funniest face when she tries something new. You can just see her little brain analyzing whether or not she likes it. Lately, the big favorite has been strawberries. She goes in cycles of preferred food. One day, she'll only eat strawberries and throw everything else on the floor. The next day, only meat. I figure that as long as her diet is balanced by the end of the week, there's really nothing to worry about. Not to mention, she still has breatmilk several times a day, so that should round out anything she might be missing.

I continue to be amazed at how quickly Kaia's babyhood is slipping away from us. She is such a busy, active, whirl of constant motion. My dad swears he has never seen a busier baby. She is always doing something: pulling books off the shelf, taking things out of a cabinet, banging something on the floor or on the table, practicing her crawling and walking on climbinb up the stairs. On the few occassions when she actually settles down and is still and asleep in my arms, I am trying very hard just to hold her close and enjoy this little person as she races toward toddlerhood.

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