Thursday, July 14, 2011

For Tim and Angela's girl #3

Once upon, I was in college. I ran cross country and one of my teammates (and later, housemates) was Jen. While in college, I met my future husband. Jason was in a fraternity and his "little" is Tim. While at the same college, Tim met his future wife, Angela. Angela's brother, Ben, also ran cross country at the same college. And now we are back to Jen, who is married to Ben. Are you still with me? My friend's husband's sister is married to my husband's "little brother". And I consider them all friends.

Anyway. Tim and Angela recently had their third little girl and Jen and I got together to give them a mei tai as a baby gift. Which I finally got in the mail today.

Jen talked with Angela and learned she would something red. So Jen and I decided on this fabric, which I already had; it was just waiting for the perfect project.

I was trying to decide what to use for the reverse side of the mei tai because I wanted it to be "manly" enough for Tim to wear. As I lay in bed one night it occurred to me that a coordinating stripe would be perfect. The next day, I looked up the fabric and found that there was a stripe that went with that fabric line. Unfortunately, since the fabric had been out for a while, I couldn't find it in any stores. After looking around a bit, I found one online store that still had the stripe print I wanted, and it was on sale.

So, one side for Angela, one side for Tim, and they look great together. (Just like Tim and Angela!)
Congratulations on your baby girl!

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