Friday, July 8, 2011

The Mines of Spain

My dad thought it would be fun to spend an afternoon at Mines of Spain and check out the new E.B. Lyons Interpretive Center. After swimming lessons, we connected with my friend Casey and her son, Colton. We all met up at the picnic area. Kaia had more fun playing with the ice in the cooler rather than picnicking.

After lunch, we visited the interpretive center, which was actually pretty impressive. Upstairs, there were some displays about history and natural history. There were mounts and/or reproductions of several animals that can be found in the area.

Sierra and Colton investigate a fawn in the E.B. Lyons interpretive center

Sierra peeks in to a drawer to see a turtle shell inside

"Are bear teeth sharp?"

There was a bird viewing area where you could sit and watch the birds at a variety of feeders outside. We didn't actually see very many birds because our small people were not particularly interested in sitting quietly to wait for the birds to show up.

Downstairs was even more exciting because that's where all the live animals were!! We looked at turtles, frogs and toads, fish, and snakes and lizards.

Kaia pointing. "Where's the fish?"

We were in the interpretive center when the woman who worked there was feeding the frogs. That was exciting!

Downstairs, we also found some information about the mines for which the Mines of Spain are named. There was a mine tunnel and the kids could put on their work hats and walk through the tunnel.

Sierra found the book nook.

Kaia loved this display with animal furs. She took one and rubbed it on her head. Then she reached for another. She put one on the floor and then lay down and put her head on it.

When we had finished in the interpretive center, we took a short hike on the grounds.

Can you see the old church through the trees?

Sierra and Colton took turns jumping off the step. Sierra was encouraging Colton in semi-reckless behavior. I consider this payback. Or perhaps, it's paid forward. I've known Casey since we were about the age of Sierra and Colton (wow!) and it was she who was always trying to coax me to do crazy things. Now my child will return the favor to hers!

There were ripe raspberries all along the trail, so we had to make plenty of stops to sample them.

I think Sierra had a fun day with her friend and family. I know I did!

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