Friday, July 29, 2011

An Outing with Grandma and Grandpa

Jason's parents both took the day off Wednesday so that we could all go together to visit Purina Farms. It turned out to be the perfect outing. There was just enough to see so that we could go early and be home before the oppressive mid-day 100 degree heat crushed us. Not to mention, the attention span of a 3-year-old is only so long. There were enough interesting things to see and do to keep Sierra interested, to amuse Kaia, and to be finished before either of them had had enough.

We first went into the barn, where the upper portion had a play area. The kids could drive tractors through corn, walk through a tunnel, and swing on a rope swing. Sierra loved the rope swing. She loved it so much that after we had seen everything, we had to go back through and do the rope swing again.
Em and Sierra play in the cornbox at Purina Farms
Grandpa helps Sierra with the rope swing

Grandpa helps Sierra with the rope swing at Purina Farms
Sierra on the rope swing at Purina Farms

In the lower portion of the barn, we could see different animals: miniature horse, donkey, quarter horse, cows, sheep, and rabbits. There was a small petting area with piglets and a chicken with funny hair and bunny. We went to the cow milking demonstration and Sierra got to milk the cow. She was very tentative, and then the cow picked her foot up and bumped Sierra's hand and Sierra didn't want to touch her again!
Sierra pets a chicken at Purina Farms
It was hot, so we were sure to drink plenty of water

Kaia gets a drink
Sierra looks a little unsure about this whole "milking a cow" business

Sierra milks the cow at Purina Farms
Kaia clowning around with Grandma, leaning way back and laughing

Kaia clowning around with Grandma and Mama at Purina Farms

Just outside the barn, there were two enclosures with different types of chickens, ducks and geese. Kaia was riding on my in the mei tai and a goose honked loudly. And she mimicked! The goose honked again. Kaia "honked" back.
Em, Sierra and Kaia look at the chickens at Purina Farms
From the barn, it was a short walk over to the dog show. The show was pretty short, probably in part because of the heat, but we got to see dogs doing agility, frisbee tricks and dock jumping. Oh, and there was also an "agility" pot bellied pig!!
Siren the chocolate lab at the Purina Farms dog show

We took a short tour around the pets building with dogs and cats and then ended our trip with a ride around the grounds on a tractor-pulled wagon.
wagon ride at Purina Farms
The wagon ride put Kaia right to sleep.
the wagon ride was enough to put Kaia to sleep
Sierra gives us a wave with the tractor driver at Purina Farms

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