Thursday, July 28, 2011

Runners, the next generation

There has been an explosion of new babies among my college cross country teammates. I last saw Jen and Amy at Suzanne's wedding in March. At the time, baby Addison was just a couple months old, and baby Jack was still residing internally.

Since I was going to be in St. Louis, Amy arranged to make a trip here with Jack so we could all get togther again with all the babies present. We met downtown at a creperie for breakfast (Sierra opted to stay home with her dad), where we juggled babies between bites of breakfast, which was delicious.
Amy with 3 babies and a toddler

I'm so glad we had decided on a lower key afternoon. We went to the running store and back to Jen's for a bit and then headed to my in law's place. We spent the afternoon lounging, chatting, letting the babies swim, and juggling various napping babies.
Addison lounging
Jack likes his shades
three babes in the pool
Sierra makes a jump for it
Em and Kaia in the pool
Amy and Jack in the pool
Jen and Addison in the pool
Addison and Jack catch a nap

After dinner, we had a brief mei tai lesson (Jen wants to learn back carries!) and then my friends and their little ones had to head out. :-(
Em Jen and Amy with babies in mei tais

(I'm sure I'll see Jen this winter, and we've started talking about a larger cross country reunion for next summer that I hope materializes)

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