Monday, July 18, 2011

Stonefield Village

Despite the heat last weekend, we went forward with our plans for a picnic in Nelson Dewey State Park and a visit to Stonefield Village. It has been years since I visited Nelson Dewey with my family, and I forgot how beautiful it was. We found a picnic area up on the bluff that looked over the Mississippi River.

The mosquitos were pretty thick until it started to rain on us, but despite bugs and weather, we had a good time. Nothing stops Sierra!

After lunch, we went for a short hike down the trail to an overlook, and then we went across the street to Stonefield Village. Stonefield Village is set up like a mid 1800s style town and there are replica businesses that you can look in to see the tools that were used and get a small peek into the way people lived.

There was an outdoor farm with chickens and sheep.
We saw the train go by and went through the covered bridge.

There was an old train car to look inside and Sierra and Harmony climbed up to the top bunk.

Sierra investigates the equipment used to make brooms.

The schoolhouse

Grandpa Bob and Sierra look at all the different things in the hardware and harness store.

I'm sure glad I don't have push my baby around in one of these carriages!

Also glad my coffee grinder fits on my counter top!

Here's a view of how the buildings looked. They are laid out in a horseshoe shape with lots to look at, including a millinery, blacksmith shop, fire house, law office, and drug store.

I was mildly amused by the "Furniture and Undertaker" storefront.

Sierra investigating the cheese making process.
When we had our fill of the 1800s, we were back on the road home. Sierra and Kaia were asleep before we had travelled 15 minutes down the road. What a busy day!

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