Sunday, July 17, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Since we are staying at my parents' house for 3 weeks, I decided to enroll Sierra in a 2-week session of swimming lessons while we are here. She is a little fish, and pretty fearless in and around the water, so I knew having some knowledge was important.

The first day of swimming lessons, I was surprised (but only a little) when my long time friend, Casey, came up and said "hello." Casey and I grew up together and our children are only a month apart in age. It turns out, Colton and Sierra were in the same swimming class! Casey had the first week of swimming lessons, so after we dropped our little ones off with their teacher, we stood behind the fence and watched them chatted with each other every day.

Every day started off with all the kids in swimming lessons gathering together for a short safety talk.

Then they split up into their individual groups and it was off to the water!

Sierra didn't hesitate, and jumped right in!

Sierra's beginners class was learning basic skills: bobbing up and down in the water, blowing bubbles, kicking, and front and back floats. Here they are, practicing their flutter kicks.

Notice Colton and Sierra off to the right of this picture. Where is their teacher and the rest of the class? Oh! Over there.

I'm glad Sierra had such a good buddy in her swimming class. I wish she and her buddy would have stayed with the teacher. Though, if I'm being completely honest, this was totally me and Casey when we were that size. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

Sierra had no problems because she already knew how to blow bubbles.

(There they go again!)

Practicing a back float. Sort of.

I'm certain Sierra needed no encouragement to jump right in!

I was impressed with how much Sierra improved her back float!

All done!

By the end of the 2-week session, Sierra was doing great with front floats and back floats and she even put her whole face in the water!

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