Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To Madison

The highlight of our trip to Madison was picking up Jason at the airport. I got turned around in some construction, so he was already deplaned and in the baggage area when we got there. I walked in with the girls and told Sierra that we were going to see Daddy. She was looking and looking but got distracted by all the people and didn't see him until we were almost in front of him. Then her face exploded into a huge grin, she jumped in his arms and squeezed and squeezed. I was wearing Kaia, so I just kept her in the carrier while we walked back out to the car and got Jason's things loaded up. J, of course, wanted to give his little girls some love. She acted tentative at first, like she didn't want to go to him, but then Jason took her and she just buried her little face in his neck and clung to him. She just stayed there, tucked into her Daddy's shoulder. It was so cute.

We had actually been in Madison since the previous day because my parents wanted to take their grandbabies to the Madison Zoo. We got a late start and it rained much of the way up, but when we arrived around 11am, the skies at cleared and it was actually a little bit cooler than it had been. We started with a snack and then toured the main part of the zoo for a couple hours. We noticed some picnic tables along the lake at the back side of the zoo, so we took a break for lunch. Then we came back in to see the children's zoo, ride the carosel, ride the train, and go to the play area.

We checked into our hotel and took the girls to the pool.

The next morning, I ran 10-ish miles on the Middleton Trail system, which was really amazing. I picked up the trail less than a mile from our hotel and took it to the Pheasant Branch Conservancy. The trail went through a lot of wooded areas, and under roads so that you don't have to stop and wait for traffic, you can just move right along. I took a loop around the the conservancy, which has some open prairie area that were filled with wildflowers and some wooded areas with little bridges over streams and past the recreation area with soccer fields and a playground.

After shower and breakfast, we did a little browsing in the area and then went to the National Mustard Museum. Oh yes, there is a National Mustard Museum. We didn't write the address down, so I called a friend to see if she was near an internet connection and could look it up.

Me: "Will you please look up the Mustard Museum in Madison, WI"
Kathryn: "Oh. My. God. Only if you send me a postcard."
"And you may have to send Jessica some mustard."

(mustard care package will be in the mail soon.)

We found lunch in the area and then parted ways, my parents home and the girls and I to the airport.

(zoo pictures will be coming when we get home next week)

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