Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dance observation day

On the last day of Sierra's dance class for the fall semester, parents were invited in to the studio for "Observation Day."  We got to watch and see what our tiny dancers had been up to for the past 12 weeks.  Sierra found a spot by her buddy, Sophia.  

Kaia came to watch what big sis had been up to and hung out with Daddy during class.

Tommy and Peyton had been hanging out with us that day, and Tommy went to play with a friend, but Peyton came along and she just gave us all sort of trouble during class.  Just kidding!!  She spent most of class like this:

See all those little dancers sitting nicely in a circle, hand folded in their laps?  See that one little dancer rolling around with her feet up in the air?  Can you guess which one is my daughter?

Okay.  And we are ready to begin!  The dancers started with tap and did some shuffling and swinging. They each got to show us how they skipped around the circle.

Then they switched to ballet.  We got to see a tiny bit of the performance piece that they will be working on for the spring recital.

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