Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trying a dresden plate

Recently, the Flickr group for Old Red Barn Company had a dresden plate sew along.  When I first saw dresden plate quilts, I decided they weren't really my taste.  As it turns out, while I don't prefer the more traditional dresden plate designs, I'm all for the more modern versions.  I wanted to try one out myself and add another block to the quilt that will one day be my bedroom quilt.  

First step is to cut out all the dresden pieces and sew the tops together.  These will be folded down to make the points.  I went for a scrappy look, using a different fabric for each piece.  

The pieces are sewn together in a circle and then appliqued to the background fabric.  The center is added and sewn down on top of that.

This is one of my favorite sections of my dresden plate.  Love those fabrics!

And here are the fabrics I have for my someday future bedroom quilt.  I've purchased them a little at a time, starting with a few I loved, then realizing I needed a bit more gray, a bit more yellow, a few more in some lighter tones.  I have enough now to complete the quilt, though I anticipate that it will be a project over the next couple years.  I'm certain to add a few more in that amount of time.  We'll see where we end up.  A king size quilt is going to be about 64 12-inch blocks.  I have completed 2.

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