Friday, February 24, 2012

Preschool Field Trip: Story time + Pizza

The preschool's field trip in January was to visit Story Time at our local library and then head to a pizza place for lunch.  

They look very intense, don't they?  It must have been a good story!

Kaia was less interested in the story, but really wanted to give her sister a hug.  Sierra can't be bothered with the hug as she is listening to the story right now!!

When the books were finished, it was time for a craft.  The kiddos got to decorate a pair of mittens on a string to go with the winter stories theme.  

From the library, we all went over to Mario's Pizza for a tour and lunch.  Sierra hung by her buddy Sophia for the tour.  

The kids thought it was pretty "cool" that they got to go inside the refrigerator!

When the tour was over, it was time to make the pizza.  We got to have a little piece of pizza to play with and/or sample.  

Our hostess did some fancy pizza dough tossing, which was very impressive.  

The crust was baked slightly and then it was time for the kids to add the ingredients.  Everyone got a turn to add some pepperoni and cheese (Sierra obviously decided a sample was in order!).  

A few minutes more in the oven to melt the cheese and the kids got to munch down on the pizza they made.  Yum!!

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